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I wanted to post a few links that I found through the people who I follow on Twitter that I found interesting and useful.  I tweet and retweet links that I find of value but I don’t always publish them on my blog, so I figured I would start doing so.

Tom Murphy interview from HBS

If you have read the book The Outsiders than you are familiar with Tom Murphy and the Capital Cities/ABC history.  In this interview Tom Murphy provides a lot of good information about the history of Capital Cities and the philosophy and strategy that the company used to build a media empire.  Useful information to think about when researching investment opportunities.

Why People Buy Perception and Not Reality

Thinking about customers’ perception of companies and products is important when analyzing potential investments.  Building a strong brand that establishes a customer’s perception is very important in business and creates a strong competitive advantage.

Howard Marks letters from 1990-2009

Street Capital aggregated all the investor letters written by Howard Marks from 1990 through 2009.  Lots of good information contained in these Oaktree Capital letters.

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