Reading List

Below is a project that aggregates value investing and related books in one place.  This list can then be used by everyone as a to-read list going forward.  I will use the list to find new books, and write reviews of the books that I do finish.

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  1. Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond (Wiley Finance)
    1. This was written by Bruce Greenwald, and is highly recommended book to read.  It covers how Greenwald values companies based upon the assets of the company.  He also introduces and explains the Earnings Power Value (EPV).  Read my book review.
  2. Margin of Safety: Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor
  3. The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success
    1. Written by William Thorndike, The Outsiders examines 8 CEOs who created extraordinary returns for their investors over a long period of time as capital allocators.  Read my book review.
  4. Getting Started in Value Investing (Getting Started In…..)
  5. Value Investing: Tools and Techniques for Intelligent Investment
  6. The Little Book of Value Investing (Little Books. Big Profits)
  7. Applied Value Investing, Conclusion:
  8. Value Returns: Wise Investing for the Next Decade and Beyond
  9. F Wall Street: Joe Ponzio’s No-Nonsense Approach to Value Investing For the Rest of Us
  10. Benjamin Graham and the Power of Growth Stocks: Lost Growth Stock Strategies from the Father of Value Investing
  11. What Would Ben Graham Do Now?: A New Value Investing Playbook for a Global Age
  12. Buffett Beyond Value: Why Warren Buffett Looks to Growth and Management When Investing
  13. Value Investing: A Balanced Approach (Frontiers in Finance Series)
  14. The Business of Value Investing: Six Essential Elements to Buying Companies Like Warren Buffett
  15. The Conscious Investor: Profiting from the Timeless Value Approach (Wiley Finance)
  16. Active Value Investing: Making Money in Range-Bound Markets (Wiley Finance)
  17. The Triumph of Value Investing: Smart Money Tactics for the Postrecession Era
  18. How To Value Shares And Outperform The Market: A simple, new and effective approach to value investing
  19. The Intelligent Investor, Rev. Ed
  20. What Is Value Investing?
  21. Investing the Templeton Way: The Market-Beating Strategies of Value Investing’s Legendary Bargain Hunter
  22. Benjamin Graham on Investing : Enduring Lessons from the Father of Value Investing
  23. Wisdom on Value Investing: How to Profit on Fallen Angels
  24. The 5 Keys to Value Investing
  25. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Value Investing
  26. New Era Value Investing: A Disciplined Approach to Buying Value and Growth Stocks (Wiley Finance)
  27. Value Investing in Real Estate
  28. Concise Guide to Value Investing: How to Buy Wonderful Companies at a Fair Price
  29. Value Investing Today
  30. Value Investing in Commodity Futures: How to Profit with Scale Trading (Wiley Trading)
  31. Investing 00 Dollars: The Beginning Trader00 Dollars: The Beginning Trader
  32. Shangri-La Investing: A Common Sense Approach to Becoming a Better and Happier Investor
  33. Beyond Growth and Value (Prelude to a Theory of Investing)
  34. The Value Investing Survivalist Handbook
  35. Applied Value Investing, Chapter 2: Base-Case Value and the Sears Acquisition
  36. Diligent Investing – The Fable of Pushy, Punchy, and Professor Void
  37. How Buffett Does It: 24 Simple Investing Strategies from the World’s Greatest Value Investor (Mighty Managers Series)
  38. The Strategist’s Mind: The Art of High Return, Low Risk Investing
  39. Value Investment Strategies and How to Find the Stocks
  40. The Patient Investor
  41. The Four Filters Invention of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger
  42. Value Investing For Dummies
  43. Value Investing Made Easy: Benjamin Graham’s Classic Investment Strategy Explained for Everyone
  44. The Little Book of Valuation: How to Value a Company, Pick a Stock and Profit (Little Books. Big Profits)
  45. The Financial Times Guide to Value Investing: How to Become a Disciplined Investor (2nd Edition)
  46. Accounting for Value (Columbia Business School Publishing)
  47. Distress Investing: Principles and Technique (CourseSmart)
  48. The Little Book That Still Beats the Market (Little Books. Big Profits)
  49. You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits
  50. Contrarian Investment Strategies: The Psychological Edge
  51. One Up On Wall Street : How To Use What You Already Know To Make Money In The Market
  52. Concise Guide to Value Investing: How to Buy Wonderful Companies at a Fair Price
  53. Security Analysis: Sixth Edition, Foreword by Warren Buffett (Security Analysis Prior Editions)
  54. Financial Fine Print: Uncovering a Company’s True Value
  55. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings (Wiley Investment Classics)
  56. Hidden Champions of the Twenty-First Century: The Success Strategies of Unknown World Market Leaders
  57. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t