What I’ve Read This Week – 1/10/2015

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I tend to tweet and retweet articles online throughout the week that I think are of interest.  You can follow me on Twitter if you would like.  I’m also going to try and write a quick weekly recap of articles and stories that I read for the week that I think are of interest to others.  I’ll try and write a little recap as to why I think it’s important, and sometimes I may actually write a separate blog post if I have more to say.   I know that there are a million + 1 blogs that have weekly and daily link fests, so it can’t hurt to add another one!

Getting More Out of Saas: Timing is Everything – TechCrunch – This is a great read if you are interested in SaaS companies.  It is written by Nino Marakovic of Sapphire Ventures who has invested in many early to mid growth SaaS companies.  If you are familiar with the host of recent and upcoming SaaS company IPO’s you’ll be familiar with the huge negative cash trends within this sector.  Marakovic covers some of the differences between collecting cash monthly or annually, and the impact on the company’s future.

How Do I Become a Better Thinker? – Quora/FarnamStreet – If you are not familiar with the Farnam Street Blog, please visit the website now and read the articles and sign up for the newsletter.  This site is just a wonderful trove of value.  Shane Parrish is the author of the website, and covers the quest to becoming a better thinker, decision maker, and quest for knowledge.  He also tends to highlight Charlie Munger quite a bit, and relates many articles to finance.   Anyways, this link is from Quora, and Shane provides his answer to how to become a better thinker – it’s very good and worthy of visiting all of the links to his articles.  He also is a big proponent of reading to gain knowledge, and build mental models to be able to think better.  This is very valuable information to become a better investor – you can visit my recommended reading list for ideas for new books to try!

Pmarca Blog Post Archive Ebook – a16z – Hopefully everyone is aware of Marc Andreessen and knows his story.  If not, this is a good place to start reading about his thoughts, or if you do know him, you’ll be excited about this new offering.  Before Twitter, Marc used to share his thoughts and views of the world on his blog.  This was taken down for a few years for several reasons, but now a16z (his VC firm) has collected all of the old posts, and created an ebook.  Just provide your email, name, company and you’ll be given links to download the ebooks in various formats.

Vintage Social Networking – A neat little comic/drawing

The Rise of the Mobile Mega Niche – Along the same lines of the Vintage Social Networking drawing is this article around the rise of niche applications/websites/mobile apps that cover a specific topic. At the end of the article shows a mapping of subreddits to mega niche applications.

Mastering Bitcoin – Want to understand Bitcoin at a deep, deep level?  Here is a link to the new book called “Mastering Bitcoin”.  It is available to read for free online, or you can purchase the book.  It covers Bitcoin in a technical nature, but if you can get through it, you’ll have a much better understanding of this new technology that is poised to impact the world in a fundamental fashion over the upcoming years.

Xiaomi’s Ambition – Stratechery – Stratechery has a good article on Xiaomi which looks at the future of Xiaomi which is more than just a smartphone company growing fast in China.  The company has much higher ambitions.

That’s it for this week.  I’ve provided more links in my twitter feed this week, so please follow me on Twitter.  In addition, please sign up with your email address and name to receive blog posts directly to your email address or just add your information to the right in the sidebar.

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