Good Reading from the week of January 20th 2014

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Below are a collection of links that I have saved from my reading over the past week.

Want a list of current EV/EBIT and EV/EBITDA ratios by industry?  Click here and you’ll see an updated list of industries with their EV/EBIT and EBITDA ratios as of this month.   The data is available as a download also from the link.  This comes from the great professor Damodaran.

This article by Warren Buffet was dug up this week, and was written in 1999.  Remember 1999? That was the during the first internet stock market boom, and it is worthwhile to read what Buffet said during that time.

Marc Andreessen wrote a good piece on Bitcoin and it is worth the time to read.  It is titled “Why Bitcoin Matters”, and lays out the idea that Bitcoin will be valuable as a payments protocol and not so much as a currency.  Even better, read a good response article on Andreessen’s piece.

Have you ever wanted to go back 100+ years and read the articles and headlines in the papers, especially during the great depression and other historical time periods?  Well now you can, this great site has digitized newspapers going back many years.

Bill Gates is not the CEO of Microsoft anymore, but he still writes annual reports for his charity organization, Gates Foundation.  His latest is covers the “3 Myths that Block Progress for the Poor”

This was written in 2011, but covers the value of finding an owner-operator company and the out performance of these companies over a long period.

If you are new to investing, this article from a couple of years ago explains the use and difference of the P/E ratio and EV/EBIDTA.


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