$GRVY Releases Ragnarok Online 2 in Korea Today

After a very long wait, and through many different iterations of Ragnarok Online 2, Gravity ($GRVY) has finally released the MMPORG in Korea today.  Here is the long awaited press release.  The stock had been battered over the past several years with the poor development of RO2, but after new management, the game has been released.  Currently, it is only released in Korea, but local licensing has been granted to Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Brazil. I’ve been long $GRVY for a year.  The stock was a bargain in the $1+ range, but has since run up close to $3.  I’m holding the stock until I can get a sense for the uptake in RO2 and see what the financials look like before I make a decision on what I will do with the stock.   Disclosure: Long GRVY

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